The Top Historical Events in India

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India is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Many people love visiting this vastly populated country because of the lovely people, the elaborate culture, religion and most importantly, the rich history that the country boasts.

The History of India dates back thousands of years, and it would take forever to highlight all the moments that defined the history of this nation. The country survived the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Portuguese and British colonial rule and many other events to be the proud nation it is today.

Here are a few of the most highlighted historical events that happened in India recently and in the past.


Missile Launches and the Green Revolution of the 20th Century


Close to 70 percent of the Indian population still relies heavily on agriculture for their livelihood. As the population explosion started in the 20th century, the leaders of the country realised that more would have to be done to make sure that they were able to provide enough for the population. This is what brought about the green revolution, an idea that has completely changed the way in which farming is done around the country.

Another notable event that happened in India in the 20th century was the missile launches. The country made international headlines when it was able to harness nuclear energy and use it to launch missiles into space.


The Babri Masjid Mosque Case


This happened about 23 years ago. One of the local leaders decided to head the demolition of mosque. As a result, many people, especially Muslims felt aggrieved and wanted to fight back. The situation was worsened by the fact that politicians were trying to use the events happening at the mosque to gain some political mileage as it was an election year. By the end of the riots, more than 20, 000 innocent people had lost their lives. In addition, many others were seriously wounded and displaced from their residences. This was one of the darkest periods in the religious history of India.


The Framing of the Constitution


Did you know that leaders framed the current constitution in 1950? This was not long after the country had acquired freedom from the British. As a result of the framing, India became the world’s largest democratic nation. Even though the journey towards making sure that the principles of equality are applied has been long and bumpy, this beautiful country has made many steps in the right direction so far.


Partition of India and Pakistan


Did you know that the present day Pakistan was part of India until 1947? Well, historical iconic leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi never envisioned an India that was divided into two, especially because the cause of the rift was religious differences.

However, the people pushing for the separation agenda had very tough demands, which, unfortunately, the rest of the leaders couldn’t meet. As a result, it was decided that Pakistan would secede. This had its own set of challenges such as the endless struggle over the Kashmir region.

These are jus a few of the most historical events that have happened in India in the recent past. Another great thing that is worth noting about this great nation is the fact that it has produced lots of great leaders, both in government, education and religion that have inspired not only the country but the entire world as well. These include the likes of Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa. These two were exemplary women whose service to a society that is largely patriarchal is truly phenomenal. Others include Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Gopal Krishna, Lala Lajpat Rai and many others.



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