Stocktake Made Easier with zapMYstock

Stocktake Made Easier with zapMYstock

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Although stocktaking is a necessary part of any business, you may find all of your staff suddenly asking for annual leave when this dreaded time rolls around.  If you’re using MYOB AccountRight Live Plus or Premier to run your business, let us take some of the hard work out of your stocktake with zapMYstock.

Stocktaking is an important process for your business to maximize loss prevention and to compare the level of stock on hand with the stock on records.  It’s a necessary evil, but with zapMYstock, we can take some of the “evil” out of the process.

zapMYstock, proudly made and supported in Australia, uses barcodes and a portable barcode scanner and a simple, user-friendly interface to count your stock, reducing the time and effort you’ll expend at this busy time of the year.

Conducting a stocktake the traditional way, with manual count sheets, can be difficult and time-consuming, and does little to stop natural human error.  We decided that there had to be a better way, so we set out to design zapMYstock to help you and your business.

By simply attaching a barcode label that you can print yourself to your existing inventory, zapMYstock can be used with a compact portable barcode scanner such as the Casio DT-X200.  By following a few simple and easy to follow steps, you can virtually eliminate incorrect data and improve efficiency, leading to time and money savings for your business.

Efficiency is the key to good stocktaking.  With zapMYstock, all you need to do is click on a few buttons to create a stocktake list from your MYOB inventory items and send it to a handy portable hand-held barcode scanner.  Then, you take your scanner around and scan the barcodes on your stock.  When you’re finished counting, you just click a few more buttons to load the stocktake list back into your computer and then view the differences.  Finally, another click commits the new counts back into MYOB.

Contrast that with the traditional process of printing stock count sheets and then manually collating the sheets and adding up and entering stock counts.

All the issues around a traditional paper-based stocktake disappear when using zapMYstock.  By making stocktaking more efficient, zapMYstock reduces your time and labour expenditure, increases stock accuracy, lowers the cost of administration, and allows your business to conduct stocktakes more often with fewer errors – the list of advantages of using zapMYstock just goes on!

Here at ASP, we understand that your time is precious and your business is of the utmost importance to you.  With zapMYstock, stocktaking is no longer the chore it used to be, and you can get back to adding value to your business more quickly.

zapMYstock is a simple to use barcode-based solution that links directly with your existing MYOB AccountRight Plus or Premier system, which already contains the details of your inventory items.  zapMYstock even includes barcode label printing for those items that don’t already have their own barcodes.

We understand that in some circumstances, you may still need to use manual count sheets for some stock, and zapMYstock even makes this easier by printing barcoded count sheets that you can bring back to the barcode scanner.

So whether you need a little extra help in managing your stocktake, want a cost-effective solution to your stocktaking problems, or simply want to update to the latest technology, ASP Microcomputers has the solution for you with zapMYstock.



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