Helpful Car Scratch Repair Tips

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It is tricky and challenging to do car scratch repairs on your own. Good thing DIY scratch removal products made the job much easier. Here’s a look at wet sanding, car scratch repair pens, and car scratch removal kits can restore your car’s paint at less cost.

  1. Wet Sanding

This method is typically used for repairing deep scratches that have gone beyond the clear coat.

In wet sanding, you use sandpaper and water to shave off a layer of the clear coat of the paint. Wet sanding requires 3000 grit sand paper.

wet sanding

Car owners are often reluctant to let professionals do wet sanding because of the cost. However, wet sanding is the riskiest method of removing car scratches. If done in the wrong way, you can easily scratch the primer, exposing the metal body. Thus, leave wet sanding to professionals.

  1. Car Scratch Repair Pens

Scratch repair pens are applicators filled with clear coat resin that is applied to cover a surface scratch. To ensure that the repair is less visible, the area treated should be buffed.

The problem is, the pens don’t cover the scratches neatly and a steady hand is needed to do the repairs. The tips of the pen are also usually too large to cover scratches neatly.

  1. Car Scratch Repair Kits

Scratch repair kits are a quick and easy remedy for fixing clear coat scratches. The kits contain a rubbing compound that hides swirls and scratches successfully. They can be used for removing both deep and surface scratches.  

These are good for removing car scratches since there is no risk of damage, unlike other treatments. The kits don’t require a lot of knowledge and skills. If you follow the instructions provided, an effective scratch repair kit will always produce results that it delivers.

When Not To Use DIY Solutions

If you are not comfortable doing your own repairs or the car has multiple or deep scratches, it is better to avoid using the above DIY solutions. They can be expensive, fiddly, and difficult to do.

Hence, it’s better to enlist a professional’s assistance. For one, professionals use colour-matching technology to match the paint tone, have the experience and equipment to get the job done.


Note that although the DIY approach is more affordable, it produces poor results and almost always requires professional to redo the job.

If your car has only minor scratches, you can repair them yourself. But just be aware that you can’t deal with all types of scratches.

Moreover, professionals repair car dent and scratch more effectively and restore your vehicle to its original condition.




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