About Personal Injury Lawyers and How They can Help You

About Personal Injury Lawyers and How They can Help You

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Personal injury lawyers specialise in helping people:

  • To submit compensation claims.
  • Involved in an accident or suffered an injury.
  • Because of another person or company’s negligence.

You may present a personal injury claim, if these happened to you:

  • Slipped and fallen in a public place.
  • Suffered burns in a restaurant.
  • Suffered serious illness.
  • Injured by a third party.

Without Personal Injury Claims

The law protects people from negligent companies. Without personal injury claims, most businesses would cut health and safety corners to save money. This would lead to:

  • More accidents.
  • A burdened health care system.

Personal Injury Claims are Valuable


Injury LawyerThese claims help to prevent accidents. They provide financial support for injured people who are unable to work. A severely injured person couldn’t work and pay for huge medical bills. They could either:

  • Declare bankruptcy.
  • Or present a claim.

With a claim, injured people remain economically active until they heal.

Time Limits and Restrictions

These limits depend on:

  • Where you live.
  • The nature of the injury.

Talk to your lawyer to find out:

  • How personal injury law works in your state.
  • Whether the injury you suffered would qualify.

No-win, No-Fee

Most lawyers operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. You can submit a claim and need not pay unless they are successful. The lawyer will take a percentage of your compensation award, but the rest will go to you. It’s worth pursuing even if you’re uncertain you have a case.



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