The Not-to-do List For Travelling Abroad

The Not-to-do List For Travelling Abroad

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Ever went abroad?

Well, it is everyone’s wish to have a chance to see what’s outside one’s country. For most people, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to explore the world — see animals in their habitat, look at wonders of nature and take part in unique festivals.

This variety ensures that there’s something to please everyone’s thirst for adventure regardless of personal preference. Just make sure you have enough preparation to have an enjoyable and memorable trip.

And to avoid unforeseen problems, best to make this checklist part of your preparation as you plan your first trip abroad.

To avoid getting into trouble with aliens, here is a checklist of don’t-dos when travelling abroad.

1.] DON’T exchange currency at the airport

Foreign Exchange

What most travellers fail to realise, however, is that their exchange rates are the worst you can ever get. To avoid wasting a large portion of your budget on paying extra conversion charges; don’t convert money at the airport.

But why hurry? Isn’t it a good idea finding a bureau that sticks with the international currency rates and gets the exact value of your money in a different currency?

2.] DON’T board a taxi

airport taxi

Almost everyone would pick a taxi over public vehicles that come with long traffic jams and tonnes of wasted time. And since you are in a foreign land, you may not know if taking a cab is safe or what’s the shortest route to your destination.

Plus, you may be shocked at the exorbitant fare charges.

Good thing airports are hotbeds for public transportation. And of course, they are more affordable than taking a cab.

3.] DON’T book your reservation too early

Booking Reservations

While the holiday date may be several months away, some may go ahead and make a reservation in an overseas hotel. This way, they feel the leave is real and may just be around the corner. Like its happening! Some even book flights to make the feeling real.

But this is a huge travel mistake. Even if the work leave will is guaranteed, one should have in mind that something might come up in the workplace that requires you to forego of your leave and work.

4.] Don’t overlook hostels for private rooms

Hotel Room

Unless you have travelled with your lover and can cater for one, don’t go for a private room when abroad.

If you’re going abroad for rest and recreation or training, it is always advisable to go to the hostel chambers. You’ll more likely to meet people and learn something new.


5.] DON’T carry traveller’s checks around


Travellers’ checks are issued by banks. It can be spent by the owner like it was cash. This way, a person can purchase what he needs even though he doesn’t have cash.

Nowadays there is the use of credit and debit cards to replace the traditional use of traveller’s checks. However, some companies still use checks. Just be sure that you carry the check when you’re about to spend it.

This is because it’s difficult to retrieve a lost check.

6.] DON’T use a credit card with charges

Credit Cards

As mentioned above, there are now credit and debit cards in lieu of a traveller’s cash.

They are more advantageous as they are accepted in many ATMs and various banks worldwide. Further, you don’t need formal applications to get cash.

With the credit card, you just need an ATM that accepts your card. And in a snap, you have the cash you need.



However, there are credit cards that incur extra charges whenever make transactions to in a foreign country. That’s why it’s advisable to use credit cards that are accepted worldwide with no additional charges. This way, you can cut down on expenditure.

In conclusion with all these don’ts in mind, you must be so curious to know one thing you must never forget to do.


Buy an international SIM card. In most cases, explorers never remember the extra roaming charges that may stretch a budget significantly. The worst mistake though is carrying your home SIM card because, in the end, you’ll be paying in the clouds for everything— calling, messaging, and browsing the internet will all mean parting with a lot of money.

onesimcard logo

But with OneSimCard— the best international SIM cards connecting over 200 countries, you can enjoy free roaming. Plus you get more affordable packages that meet your communication and surfing needs abroad.

May these tips serve as a word of caution as you plan your trip abroad. Avoid the stress,  hassle and extra cost so you’ll enjoy your travels abroad.   



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