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When you are going to a new country for business such as India, you need to understand the culture. A lot is made of going to Japan or China and how you have to behave there, but it is equally important to behave nicely in India. You have to, at least, know what to do in the nation as that could help you seal deals. You never know what might look great in their eyes and you have to put yourself in the position that can bring home the success you want.

Indian business culture is riveting and will teach you a lot about yourself.

Love Relationships

The relationships that you are making with them should be real and matter. You are not doing a ‘one and done’ here because that is not true. You have to make a relationship with them and show how you will always be there. You want to show that by dealing with you, they are getting something that will last forever.

This is what their business values and they will give you the same. They want to see that loyalty because that is how business is run in India.

They want to have people who they can trust.

The Boss Is Truly The Boss

When you are meeting with the boss, you should be going straight to him/her. They are the ones who make all of the decisions. They are the ones who are going to pass off on anything that is agreed upon. You won’t be getting decisions made from anyone else.

It is a direct way of doing things and that is how it is run. You can’t expect it to be any different.

You have to go to the boss and start to see how they are as people.

If you are looking to get it done, you go to the boss.

Require Specific Instructions

If you are hoping to meet up with a manager or someone that is below the management team, you will have to give direct instructions. You have to lay it out for them because you cannot expect them to be proactive. It is not about lacking ability because that is untrue.

Instead, it is just how they are trained. You want to have them doing good work and that will happen when you give them proper instructions.

By looking into the Indian business culture, you will learn all you need to know about the world and how you can better things right away. You could make a great deal and that is what you should want. If the business culture is not something you look at, how will you know what they like and dislike? What if you end up saying something that is mean? What if you do something that turns them off? You want to, at least, get this part right because the information you are giving out at the meeting has to be backed up with your knowledge of the culture.



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