How did Indian civilization begin?

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The topic of how Indian civilization began as a very interesting piece of History. It is a form of history that deals with the migration patterns of ancient man and not just his physical migration but his genetic migration as well. For the last two hundred years we have all thought that we’ve known the answer to how the Native Americans got to the Americas. But in many ways we have left out a lot of information or we didn’t have access to of a lot of information that we now have.

Mohave Indians

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What we now know is that it wasn’t simply people crossing the Bering Strait and going through Alaska and Canada into what we now know the United States and Mexico. Lira many waves of migration throughout the Americas some of the Bering Strait and some by seafaring Asians for the old world. Even when we look at the DNA of the remnants of native people who still exist in the Americas, their DNA tells a very interesting story about who they are and where they come from. We all know that most of them come from ancient people who migrated from Asia but we have also learned that they have a lot of European ancestry as well.

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And tracing that European ancestry tells us a more interesting and a more fluid Story of Man and how we migrate and how we connect around the globe. So what we know now is that the people who ultimately cross the Bering Strait, who came on ships to South America all come from people who live in the Mongolia area of Asia, these people also met with indo-europeans and other European tribes before he got to the Americas. But we don’t know a lot of it’s about their history before Europeans settled in the Americas. We do know a lot about their religious history and their stories and whatnot but we’ve never had a true picture of their day-to-day life.

It just isn’t a story that has been told yet. What is more interesting than not is how groups internet Amy troute the old world and become new groups of people. What is also interesting is about groups who came to the Americas way before most people thought that they had. Most of us have talked that Christopher Columbus discovered America and before then Europeans never came here.

New findings have shown that Viking tribes came to the Americas at least five hundred to a thousand years earlier. There’s even evidence that African tribes and Wars came to the Americas 300 years before any European that and their remnants are scattered throughout the Americas. So one thing that is true about culture being Native American or any other is that there really any single groups of people who are truly an isolation.

Sure maternity might have made certain tribes in the rainforest and different isolated areas in the world separate from other people but people in the Ancient World Travel, they traveled all over the globe, baseball, they married, they had children and they shared culture. If anything is true about the Indian story it is the story that they traveled, they sell dope and they created a new culture based on the land that they found.

It is a story of many groups who have done this before them and after them as well. Traveling, discovering, creating and sharing culture is as human as breathing it. To the storm and is not one of isolation, Porters, a separation but it is still one of finding each other through exploration. Sometimes this goes well sometimes it doesn’t. So when we look at the Native American story we should probably think of it in a more Global context and one that is continuous of the patterns of man than that of just a single group.

We don’t necessarily know their motives for crossing the Bering Strait or even taken canoes across the Pacific Ocean to get to the Americas but what we do know is what they’ve done once they got here. We all know the tragedy of this story, how the Europeans took advantage of them, how they kill their food supply, took their young and their women and completely pushed him to the outskirts of American society. That is also the history of the world and it is not a thing that is unique to America it is unique to man. We push others aside, destroy their culture and Destroy them completely. But when things work out well we build, there’s a cultural exchange, we learn from each other and we become better than we currently are.

So in this world where borders are decreasing because of the internet and the ability to talk to people around the globe and travel we need to be wary of the past and man’s nature to destroy what it’s new to him and with that and our mind we should focus on building and connecting because that is the true story of the Native Americans.



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