Enjoying a Dark Chocolate Box: Is Chocolate Good For You?

Enjoying a Dark Chocolate Box: Is Chocolate Good For You?

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It’s not uncommon for people to purchase a heart-shaped chocolate box for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s something my husband has done for me for the past decade, long before we ever got married and back when we were just dating one another.


There was only one year where he didn’t show up at home with that beloved chocolate box in his hands and that was the year I begged him not to tempt me with the sweet treat because I was on a diet. Even though I begged him not to get me the chocolates, I had still secretly hoped he’d show up with them anyway because I absolutely love chocolate and it would have given me the perfect reason to cheat on the diet I was following.


Now that I’m a bit older, I don’t worry so much about following fad diets and I’m not nearly as hard on myself as I used to be for indulging on a piece of chocolate. In fact, I recently found out the dark chocolate offers numerous health benefits, so it’s not truly as bad as people think. I just so happened to get lucky because dark chocolate is my absolute favorite and it’s the one type of chocolate that provides plenty of health benefits to people of all ages.


So, what makes dark chocolate box of candy a healthier option than traditional milk chocolate or white chocolate? It contains antioxidants and flavonoids. The dark chocolate comes from cocoa beans that grow on trees in the tropical islands, making it a plant-based treat that provides plenty of awesome health benefits.


Heart Conditions and Blood Pressure


You might think it’s impossible for something so tasty and delightful to be good for you in any way possible. However, research proves otherwise. Eating at least one serving of the dark chocolate each week could reduce your risk of heart failure. Having one small piece of dark chocolate on a daily basis could help to lower your blood pressure and even reduce your risk of suffering from a heart attack.


Take Control of Your Weight


While it’s good for lowering blood pressure and preventing serious heart conditions, it could help you keep better control over your weight. Studies show dark chocolate tends to make people feel fuller than traditional milk chocolate. Eating one piece of dark chocolate could leave you feeling satisfied and full so that you’re less likely to snack on more chocolate and other treats between your daily meals.


Preventing Diabetes


Individuals who participated in a dark chocolate study consumed a piece of dark chocolate once a day for a total of two weeks. Those individuals noticed their resistance to insulin dropped significantly. It may be good in moderation for those with diabetes, too.


Relieving Some of Your Stress


Aside from all these amazing benefits, dark chocolate contains compounds known to help improve a person’s mood. Studies show those who were eating more of the dark chocolate on a daily basis were noticing a reduction of stress in their lives.


Dark chocolate does have plenty of benefits to offer to people, but it’s important to remember a few essential things. You should never take it too far. While chocolate may be good for you in moderation, you shouldn’t consume too much chocolate because then you may consume more calories than you need to each day. Along with eating a small piece of dark chocolate each day, you should focus on living an overall healthier lifestyle, which includes eating healthier foods and exercising regularly to see the best results possible.


If you’re getting a chocolate box for Valentine’s Day or for any special occasions, make sure to check for those dark chocolate pieces that are often included in the box. The dark chocolate pieces not only have such a flavorful and wholesome taste, but they’re naturally good for you in moderation and offer a lot of important health benefits. The next time you’re worrying about indulging on that one piece of chocolate, remember it’s perfectly acceptable for you to treat yourself to a piece of chocolate as long as you’re not overdoing it by consuming a bit too much of it.



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