How can a Digital Press Release Help Your Business Grow

How can a Digital Press Release Help Your Business Grow

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There are a wide variety of search engine optimization strategies and also the market with PPC advertising, that people often forget about doing a digital press release. This might seem old-fashioned, but because of the in we now have the internet and effective digital PR, you can actually reach tens of thousands of people with a single article.

Given this potential and because it will represent your company, it is absolutely imperative that you have this written by a professional, or that you have sufficient knowledge and practice before writing it yourself.

If you’re not convinced of its potential yet, we answered the frequently asked questions regarding press release so you’ll know how it can help you and get you started with your campaign.


How Does A Press Release Work?

A press release is actually a unique marketing tool. While a typical advertisement aims to attract customers, a press release aims to get websites and journalists to promote your product, service or company. Note that a journalist wants a story with useful information and doesn’t sell a product.

How Are These Written?

If you have ever read a news story before, you’ll know that it talks about an  event, with the first paragraph essentially summarising what the entire thing is about.

The following text will just lay out the details and there may also be quotes that have come from people that are involved with this particular story.

At the end, you can prompt them to obtain more information,  This will take them directly to your website where they can see what you have to offer.

If you manage to capture the reader’s interest, he will go to your product URL as well. However, this is never going to happen if you do not convince a journalist to publish your story, and that’s why it must be written this way.


How To Get The Broadest Distribution Possible

The best way to get your release a wide distribution is to work with a company that specifically does press releases. They have numerous connections, and can forward to  people who may want to publish it.

Remember, it’s all about telling the story, and if that is what you do with your press release, you have a good chance of getting many people to publish your digital press release online.


How Fast Will The Traffic Come In?

The speed at which the traffic will come in is likely to be phenomenal if you have most of the journalists and online news websites publishing this for you.

You can get tens of thousands of visitors in a single day, and it’s all because you wrote your press release in the proper manner.

Additionally, these also rank on the search engines. They could be there for many months to come. That’s why it’s so important to at least do one press release where you can get a substantial amount of traffic.

This brief overview of what a press release is, how to write one, and why they are so beneficial should make you think about getting one done for your business.

As long as it is written in a compelling manner, without promoting your product or service, you will likely have hundreds of different publications publish your press release on their website.



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