The Brightest Moment In The History Of India

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There are a number of events that can be considered one of the brightest moments in Indian history. For instance, many historians consider the economic reforms introduced in the early 90s as one of the most significant events in Indian history as those reforms completely change the face of the Indian economy and turned it into one of the fastest growing economies in the whole world. The economic reforms in those years have led India to become one of the major world powers.

On the other hand, some Indians consider the first general elections conducted in the year 1951 after independence from the British Empire as the brightest moment in Indian history. After all, at that time and even today, India remains the biggest democracy on the planet in terms of population. Even at the time of independence, there were close to 250 million people in India and democracy was considered a big experiment as no country of such size had adopted democracy successfully.

The general elections after the independence were considered the first big test of democracy and even though many people thought that democracy was not right for India, Indian state successfully conducted elections and since then, elections have been conducted normally. Successful conduct of elections on a regular basis should be considered a great achievement as a large section of the opposition in the country is still illiterate.

Over the years, a number of other such events have taken place. For instance, India is one of the few countries with the capability to launch a satellite into geostationary orbit. The Indian Space Research Organization is considered one of the premium space organizations in the world as it competes for business with some of the other advanced space organizations in the world. Indian has also achieved a lot in various other areas. India is widely known as the IT outsourcing capital of the world. Many Indian companies are some of the biggest IT companies in the world.

In the area of sports, India winning the World Cup in cricket, first in 1983 and the second time in 2011 can also be considered as one of the brightest moments in the history of India. When India won the cricket World Cup for the first time in 1983, India was still considered a minnow in the world of cricket and it was considered an upset win for Indian cricket team. However, when India won the one-day cricket World Cup in 2011, it was considered one of the powerhouses in world cricket and was the favorite to win the World Cup.

Overall, India has achieved a lot as a nation in just 60 years after independence. However, it won’t be wrong to say that India has to go a long way to become a developed nation and to raise the standard of living of a vast majority of its population. India is poised to become the most populous country in the world by 2050 as it will take over China which has been able to slow down its population growth by following the one child policy for many decades.

There are a number of resources available online and offline that clearly lay down various significant events in Indian history. While it’s not possible to choose and explain in such a short article, the brightest moment in Indian history, it won’t be wrong to say that one can get a lot of information and knowledge from these resources about the history of India. So, if you want to know more about Indian history, you can search online and find out more about India history on various websites that discuss the history of India and various events that happened in the country.



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