5 Most Popular Tiles and Grout Types

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Everyone loves to decorate their rooms, but decoration is not always about the antique furniture or a splurge of myriad hues. Another way of decking up your home is installing colourful and beautiful tiles in the rooms.

You can use tiles both for flooring and walls depending on the area you’re working with. You get to choose from a wide array of tiles, and the tiles are easy to maintain and can be restored easily with the help of Restore Floor in Sydney we also do Concrete Sealing

Since you are getting so many advantages, trying out tiles will be a wise opinion. Here is a list of 5 most popular tiles and grout options this year.

Grout Talks

Before directly jumping into the talk about trendy tiles, first, let us talk about grout. A mixture of water and cement, it is used to fill up the gaps between two tiles and provide them support. Along with the variations in tiles, you can also use complementary tile grout colours to jazz up the room.

There are numerous types of tiles, and some of them are timeless like the porcelain tiles, which are known for both their prettiness and utility, and are recommended by many. There are other kinds, too. If you want to be on trend, then meet these following five tile types which are quite in vogue for 2018.

#1 Bright Coloured Tiles

Now, who doesn’t like a pop of colour in their home?

If you are a fan of lighter shades like nudes, beiges and cream colours, then why not try a coloured pastel coral or baby blue which is coming back in trend. If you prefer vibrant colours, then worry not because the emerald greens, turquoises, and brown will cast their spell. In this category, you will get a chance to choose from 60+ different shades, and if you get confused, you can always trust black to work wonders!

Remember, it’s important to consider the tile cleaning part to retain the lustre of your favourite tiles, so go for something that’s going to keep its glow and look clean over time.

#2 Patterned Tiles

If you are eager to break the monotony of your room but afraid of going over the top, then stick to patterned tiles. When the tiles themselves are patterned, that is, contains different designs, then you do not need to worry about the colour as the web of the lines will be enough to arrest the attention of the viewers.

You can choose any pattern which gels well with your room like floral or spirals. You can also juxtapose white tiles with black grout to get a great pattern (monochrome).

Play with tile grout colours to create more contrast or new design.

#3 Terracotta Tiles

This is an interesting type which instantly takes you back to the old world. Think oranges, think browns, think brick-colors, as they form the palette of terracotta tiles. And to give them a contemporary look, a splash of other hues is mixed.

These tiles give an earthen feeling, when found in natural and grey tones, and are quite long-lasting. You can use boiled linseed oil as a tile sealer and brush it on the tiles and grouts, to seal the pores and resist water absorption. Throw some matching furniture and linen to multiply the glamour of these tiles.

#4 Shaped Tiles

This is an interesting twist given to the tile – the shapes are altered. You can now forget those old boring tiles and go for some interesting shapes. You can try out hexagonal or can settle with big tiles, depending on your room size.

Moreover, you can use these for your walls apart from the floor. They play a key role in changing the look of your room. Do remember to master the tiles cleaning techniques for the diverse types used.

#5 Vintage Tiles

The tiles with a vintage look that reflects class and sophistication. You can travel back to the retro time with the help of these. This style also plays with patterns of various kinds, but all of those happen to have a vintage charm. The tile restoration for this type is very important as then you can restore both art and age.

Restore Floors Tip

If none of these tiles fascinates you and you want to stick with your basic tiles, then bring a twist in your tile tales by changing the layout. Instead of horizontal, think vertical or create angular waves to freshen up the look of your room.

Thus, play with the tiles installation whichever way you prefer but do not forget to clean and restore them properly. Feel free to call Restore Floor and we’d be happy to help! Or if you’re looking for happy with your current tiles, and are in need of tile and grout cleaning across Sydney, just give us a buzz and we’ll have you sorted.



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